Bubba Watson
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“For my home, I wanted the best golf simulator technology – so I chose High Definition Golf.”

– Bubba Watson, 2-Time Masters Champion

Bryson Dechambeau
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“As a professional golfer and tech enthusiast, I demand the best & most advanced equipment available. I love the HD Simulator because of its incredible realism & pinpoint accuracy. I was amazed at the technology and playing experience. My coach and I really like using the integrated video swing & weight transfer analysis to fine-tune my swing in real-time. When it comes to simulators, there is simply no comparison to HD Golf.”

– Bryson Dechambeau, 3-Time PGA Tour Champion

Fred Couples
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“HD Golf is incredibly realistic & versatile – I’ve played most of these championship courses in real life, and both the realism & accuracy are amazing. It’s like being there. I also love how the simulator will double as my high-end home theatre system.”

– Fred Couples, Highly Decorated PGA Tour Pro

Steve Stricker
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“My HD Simulator adds an exciting twist to family time. Golfing in our home is a fun way to enjoy the game & each other!

When it’s time to practice however, we use the integrated Professional Instruction Studio to analyze our swing and corresponding performance. My simulator does it all!”

– Steve Stricker, Highly Decorated PGA Tour Pro


The Only Thing More Real...


...is the course itself

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Brad Kidd - LS_new_5.16

Skeet Shooting - adjustable clay speeds and sizes

Practice Like the Pros!

Laser shot 2

Family Fun Games!

Skills Drill 3 with Heather and Chritian

Skills Training Software

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Skills Training Software - Competitions

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Arden Sales helps customers create an amazing multi-purpose entertainment environment with the following activities:

  • Golf the World’s Most Amazing Golf Simulator

  • Shoot Authentic Infrared Firearms – whether for training or pure fun!

  • Play Soccer, Baseball, Hockey, Football, Lacrosse, Bowling & Zombie Dodge-ball

  • Watch Movies on the big screen

  • Gaming (e.g. Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Wii etc.)

  • Watch Sporting events on the big screen

Laser Shot Demonstration

HD Multi-Sport