HD Golf™ delivers a visually stunning, life-like experience for you and friends to enjoy without the travel.   Only HD Golf offers ‘look and play realism’ of world-famous golf courses, including Pebble Beach and St. Andrews. Every tree, bunker and hazard is faithfully replicated to match the actual course experience. It’s so real, you’ll reach for the rangefinder and look for the beverage cart.

HD Golf™ is the only simulator manufacturer to use proprietary & revolutionary image processing software to combine high-resolution digital imaging, satellite and geophysical data into 3D models. These  methods result in a fully realistic, immersive golfing experience. All other simulator manufacturers use conventional 3D graphics and artist renderings, which look like a video game, not the actual course. HD Golf™ refuses to compromise realism for production efficiency and cost-savings.  This unique and creative method includes physically transporting an in-house digital imaging team to the course, capturing it, and all its attributes, in-person. Not only does it look real, this allows complete replication with respect to elevation, detail, foliage, tee placement and lighting. HD Golf courses are not artist rendered, they’re real, lush and beautiful.

When you play #7 at Pebble Beach on an HD Golf Simulator, everything you see has been meticulously replicated, from the wood knots in the fence by the tee, to the semi-submerged boulder on the coastline…it’s faithful and true. If you simply must have the best, most realistic on-demand, championship golf that impresses you and everyone who plays, then welcome.  Our customers agree, it is as real as it gets.