HD Golf Simulators reliability extends through two key areas of focus: System Design / Architecture and Quality Components:

System Design:

  • HD Golf has extensive engineering capabilities including hardware, software and mechanical design.
  • MODULAR: Most competitors cobble together software and hardware to produce their simulators. All HD Golf components work seamlessly together. HD Golf’s systems are completely built in house, from conception to delivery.
  • LINUX OPERATING SYSTEM: Highly stable, robust, bug-free when compared to a Windows based system.
  • High performance, “intelligent” cameras – multi-processor architecture

High quality components, including:

  • High Professional Engineering workstation vs Home PC.
  • Out Multi-element screens are quiet, low-rebound and highly durable. They last more than twice as long as competitors screens.
  • HD Golf uses high quality spring-set nylon turf instead of  polypropylene.  This delivers superior performance & durability.

Service & Support:

  • ‘ONE-STOP-SHOP’: HD Golf provides comprehensive support for ALL system aspects/components. We are uniquely qualified because HD Golf designs and manufactures all critical aspects including ball/club tracking and ALL software.
  • 24/7: Speak directly to technicians and engineers who design, build & install these systems. This is important, because our deep understanding of the simulator ensures  a greater than 99% up-time.
  • Industry’s Best Remote Diagnostics: HD Golf pioneered remote diagnostics within the golf simulator industry, which makes it simple to login remotely, then update or fix any challenge you may be experiencing.

Custom Install:

HD Golf and Arden Sales will work with you to create CAD drawings for the perfect, custom install you deserve.

HD Golf and Arden Sales project management teams, engineers and installation teams work together on your dream install. From initial drawings to the completed project, we are experts in space usage, design, integration and project execution.