Inert Firearms

Inert firearms are laser based firearm devices with Class I eye safe lasers for hit detection. Inert trainers are non recoiling but have a realistic look and feel. Visible inert trainers emit a red laser splash shown on the screen with each trigger pull. The infrared inert trainers emit an invisible laser splash with each trigger pull so that no laser splash is seen on the screen.

 SIM 7


Simulated Handguns


       INERT  COLT 1911


Simulated Shotguns


                                INERT 38″ – 870


Simulated Rifles


                           M4 (AR-15)

         Adult Rifle 38.5″ -IRADULTS2-B

               Standard Rifle 37″ -SIM 177Y


              Youth 31.5″ SIM 177S