Tetherless Recoil Kit                                                 Glock Recoil Kit                                                    M4 Recoil Kit


In order to fully immerse trainees and provide unforgettable muscle memory, a comprehensive virtual training system should include realistic simulated weapons or recoil kits for real firearms. Laser Shot’s line of proprietary recoil simulation systems excel in this arena due to the extensive research and development behind every model: going so far as to hone trigger pull and reset, trigger weight, and felt recoil to match real-world weapon systems.

For many recoil models, Laser Shot has preferred barrel reservoirs instead of magazine reservoirs. Since magazine changes are required more frequently during normal training, the seals are commonly worn out and cause increased air leaks. Laser Shot solved this by leaving the magazines inert and constructed air reservoirs inside the barrels. No additional accessories to the weapon are required that would not normally be standard issue. The barrel reservoirs can be filled with a CO2 adapter on a CO2 tank with siphon tube. This design allows for a higher fidelity simulated weapon. Synthetic audio is not necessary because the mechanical action replicates the cracking of the weapon being fired. All of these features assist in working towards mitigating flinching or anticipation of recoil.

Recoil Conversion Kits transform live fire firearms into laser based firearms that use CO2 to create simulated recoil action. These kits do not include the gun itself. Recoil kits and weapons are only compatible with IR systems.

Tetherless recoil kits feature a high grade stainless steel barrel, CO2 magazine and laser. It easily converts your firearm into a safe and effective training tool. By using compressed gas, the system simulates recoil by acting on the gun’s slide or bolt to cycle the weapon. The system cycles the weapon exactly as it would during live shooting, simulating recoil and providing audible report while marking the point of impact with the integrated laser for immediate training feedback.

  • G17/G19, G22/G23 Tetherless Recoil Kit
  • M16/M4  Tetherless Recoil Kit
  • M9 (92) Tetherless Recoil Kit
  • P226/P229 Tetherless Recoil Kit


  • By using gas instead of live ammunition a large number of simulated rounds can be fired for a minimal cost
  • The system can be used by not only Military and Law Enforcement but beginning shooters
  • The weapon’s original trigger is not altered in any way, reproducing the exact trigger pull
    used in real world scenarios


  • Conversion Barrel: Includes barrel body, internal valve, laser emitter, piston and interface block
  • Spring: Reduced power spring is used
  • Connector Unit: Mates with magazine to supply compressed gas to the barrel
  • Magazine: Stores CO2 gas, or holds a standard disposable 8 or 12 gram CO2 cartridge
  • Laser: Transmits a beam of light for each shot to activate targeting systems – many types of lasers are available to work with a variety of targeting systems


*Customer must have refillable tank or belt pack for tethered or tetherless weapons

*Firearm not included