golf simulator

September 29, 2016

Since this is my first blog, I should begin by telling you I am an avid low handicap golfer who is extremely passionate about golf and obsessive about details and perfection.  Any others out there that park their cars in end spots 2 miles from the store??  Yep, that’s me.  I’d be lying if I said it was for exercise…door dings ruin the perfection.  Did I mention the part about being obsessive??

Up until 6 months ago, I had no idea I was going to combine two passions; golf and consultative selling.  The story began when we sold our company and my wife and I decided to build a dream house including a golfer’s nirvana.  During this process, I researched all of the top golf simulators on the market and ultimately installed a SIM from HD Golf and putting green.  Suffice it to say, we could not possibly be any happier with the HD golf simulator and the support we received during installation and the after care.  The overall experience and enjoyment factor we have had with friends and family led me to the decision to see if I could sell the HD golf simulator…because it’s awesome and it would be fun!  So as you read on, please remember I was a customer first.

If you strip away all of the marketing hype and the huge dollars paid to PGA professionals for their supposed endorsements, you’ll realize there are very few options if you desire a high performance golf simulator.   During the detailed due diligence, the two most important things for me were accuracy and imagery.  I did NOT want to play a video game.  Based on this the decision became super easy as only HD Golf met both of my criteria.  Although other high end SIMs offer technology that is pretty good, the accuracy of HD Golf is over the top.  Secondly, the imagery is exactly what a golf course looks like.  The other SIMs use 3rd party software from a company that uses graphic designers to render their courses.  I’ve never played a course that had perfect fairways, perfect traps, perfect water hazards, perfect trees etc.  Only HD Golf uses actual imagery to overlay the topology within 1″-3″ of accuracy.  Every tree, bunker (with deer prints or golfers foot prints etc.) and hazard is faithfully replicated to match the actual course experience.  The courses on my indoor HD Golf simulator look exactly like the courses I’ve played…this is why HD Golf simulators are the best!