20’ x 32’ Putting Green – NO Foam Edge Transition


Never before has a green this big been available as a ready-to-install kit. The 20’ x 32’ has all the size and styling needed to turn your backyard into a professional teaching academy. This green comes complete with three standard Tour Links® cups, one 6” regulation cup, one regulation cup holder, three Tour Links® pins with Nylon Flags and one 7 ½ ft flag stick and flag

Our Designer Greens ship via common freight carrier to a loading dock or, if to a residence, at curbside only. The truck driver will not deliver to your office, front door or inside your home. The turf for these products comes on a roll that is 15 feet long. Please take this into consideration when purchasing these products. If you need additional information, please contact us.




Weight 1,524.00 lbs
Assembled Length 32 ft – 9 inches, 392.47 inches, 9.96874 meters
Assembled Width 20 ft – 4 inches, 244.20 inches, 6.20268 meters
Installation Time Will vary depending upon location. Average between 3 to 10 hours.
Number of Packages Base Model Arrives in (16) boxes; Options: (2) rolls of turf.
Shipping method Truck Line Carrier
Materials Composition Foam – 1 Lb Density EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) Foam, Panels – Polypropylene Copolymer (Recycled Materials), Turf – See Above
Warranty 10 Years (Turf); 5 Years (Panels & Accessories)
Care Instructions Clean panels with a soft, damp cloth. Carefully sweep or vacuum the turf. Use a leaf blower to remove larger debris. A light pressure washing may be done to remove any mold residue resulting from wet conditions. When rolling up turf for storage, roll loosely with the green side out. Never crease the turf.
Parts Included Panels – (33) Pre-Cut Panels; (100) Interior Center Panels; (4) Interior Center Panels With Cup Hole;

Accessories: (3) Standard Tour Links® Cups; (1) 6” Aluminum Regulation Cup; (1) Regulation Cup Holder; (3) Tour Links® Pins with Nylon Flags; (1) 7 ½’ Pin Flag; (7) Packs of Hardware

Turf Options: Turf – (1) Roll Pre-Cut Putting Turf
Options (Select One)
1. 42 oz Nylon Turf w Bonded Rubber Backing – Indoor Use
2. 42 oz Nylon Turf w Honeycomb Backing – Outdoor Use

Fringe Options: (1) Roll Fringe Turf Pre-Cut into 8 Sections
Options: 60 oz., 1.75” Nylon Fringe Turf